Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, about 2 hours ago

Good afternoon Lincoln Parish Parents,

The plan for meal distribution for students in the Virtual Program or on the A/B schedule has been released. This plan is for students who are not at school to eat breakfast and lunch. Please review the attachment which gives specific instructions. The following information can be found on the attachment:

1. Parents must call the school cafeteria between 7:30 am – 9:00 am where he or she intends to pick up meals, which includes one breakfast and one lunch each day.

2. Meals may be picked up from one of six designated schools between 12:45 pm and 1:30 pm each day. Be sure to pick up from the school you contacted that morning.

3. The parent consent form must be completed each day and submitted to the school to verify meals which are distributed.

4. Your child qualifies for a free breakfast and lunch each day if he or she eats free at his or her normal school location and is not at school that day.

5. The six school pickup location options include Dubach School, Choudrant High School, IA Lewis School, Ruston Elementary, Ruston Junior High School, and Simsboro High School. Parents from any Lincoln Parish School may pick up at the most convenient location of the six options.

6. Meals will be distributed in car lines. No one will need to get out of their vehicle.

7. Meals will only be prepared for those families contacting the school cafeteria before 9:00 am each morning.

Link for Parent Consent for meal pick ups:

Simsboro School

Simsboro School, about 3 hours ago

Parents, we have to meet with you before your child comes to school next Wednesday. Reminder, Monday and Tuesday are our last two Prep Days before school starts. Elementary parents, please bring ALL school supplies when you come.

Simsboro School

Simsboro School, about 4 hours ago

Attention Parents of Pre-K Students: Please register your child immediately to insure an "in house" seat in one of our Pre-K classrooms. Both classes are filling up quickly.

Simsboro School

Simsboro School, 2 days ago

Reminder!! Prep days begin tomorrow at 7:30. Your child must be present to receive technology. Students and parents will be required to sign multiple documents.
Virtual students only: Thursday and Friday (August 13, 14)
In school students: Monday and Tuesday (August 17, 18)
Everyone needs to park in the track parking lot and enter through the side gate by the varsity gym. Everyone please wear a mask.



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