Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, 1 day ago

To: Lincoln Parish Parents and Guardians
From: Mike Milstead
Date: April 3, 2020
1. As you’ve probably heard, Governor Edwards extended his “stay-at-home” order through April 30th. This means that schools remain closed until probably May 4th. As we receive updates, I will let you know.
2. We are increasing our efforts to reach out to students electronically and with print media as they are prepared. A schedule for physical pickups will be issued next week for you to take advantage of, if you choose to.
3. Presently the best thing we can do is to follow Governor Edwards stay-at-home order. The best way we can do that is minimizing the possibility of contact with people and places which increase the potential for spread of coronavirus illness.
4. We received guidance yesterday concerning high school credits and a “how to”related specifically concerning students who are seniors. We will be sharing that with senior parents in the next few days.
5. Continue to take advantage of all resources available to assist your child in continuing his education while away from school.
6. Stay safe and continue to follow best practices to resist coronavirus.

Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, 4 days ago

To: Parents of Lincoln Parish Students
From: Mike Milstead
Date: March 31, 2020
1. Good afternoon, Parents of Lincoln Parish students. Thank you for your efforts in keeping your children as educationally up-to-date as possible under the circumstances we are presently facing. All of us really want to get back to a normal process of teaching, encouraging, and nurturing our children.
2. Remember that you can access the best available information about specific classroom subjects on our Lincoln Parish School Board website, Next week we plan to have paper-copy reviews for some subjects that you can pick up at various schools. If you don’t have access to a computer, you might find this information helpful in engaging your child. Later this week, I will provide school sites, subjects, and grade levels to you for pick up purposes.
3. We will resume food services both breakfast and lunch beginning Monday, April 6th, 9:30-11:00, at the 8 school sites previously selected. All Lincoln Parish students qualify for these meals.
4. Later this week the governor intends to extend his stay-at-home order to April 30th. Assuming that applies to our schools (and I think it will), then we will continue to provide information for you to help meet the educational needs of students.
5. Also, later this week, the Louisiana Department of Education will provide information concerning graduation and course credits for high school students. As soon as I receive that information, I will share it with you.
6. Remember to spend time with your child each day whether reading with them, using websites, or questioning them for their knowledge of items that they should know and be able to recall.
7. We will get through the situation in which we presently find ourselves. All school leaders, teachers, and other staff look forward to the day when we can resume our normal process of returning to school and educating our students. Remember to stay safe by following best practices—frequent handwashing, maintaining 6-feet of social distancing, staying at home, and sneezing or coughing into your elbow.
8. If you need to call the school board office with a question or concern, leave a message and a supervisor or principal will return your call.
9. I continue to pray for the safety of our students and parents at this time. Let’s continue to encourage each other as we have the opportunity.

Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, 11 days ago

A conference call was held Sunday afternoon, March 22nd with representatives from the Governor's Office, the Louisiana Department of Education and state superintendents. All facets of the school food service program were discussed. The issue is not whether feeding students is important. We all agree that it is. At the same time, staff and employee safety must also be considered.

In one week alone, through the efforts of our dedicated employees and school personnel volunteers, we have served approximately 11,000 meals. On Monday, March 23, 2020, we averaged serving about 4 meals per child which will carry us through the current week.

While this program is important, we must consider the safety and well-being of our employees as well, particularly in light of the shortage of adequate protective gear such as gloves, face masks, and thermometers.
Accordingly, given the shortage of these supplies and our concern for our employees, our school system will for the time being suspend our food services after serving one more day on Monday, March 23, 2020.

Thanks for your understanding.

Lincoln Parish Schools

Lincoln Parish Schools, 11 days ago

Good afternoon. This is Mike Milstead, Superintendent, Lincoln Parish Schools. Based on the Governor's proclamation, the Lincoln Parish School Board Office will be closed for the remainder of this week, 3/24-27/2020, and the week of 3/30-4/3/2020.



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