Agriculture Sciences

Agriscience Education is not just about agriculture anymore. Did you know that 1 out of every 5 jobs in the United States is in the field of agriculture? In the New Tech Academy of Agricultural Sciences, students have the opportunity to learn forestry, woodworking, welding, small engines, floriculture, horticulture, plant and animal science, and business management. This program works to develop students’ leadership skills, strive for personal growth, and educate students for career success.

Family and Consumer Science

Family and consumer Science classes help students to gain skills and knowledge for the future.The skills acquired will help with career opportunities as well as expose them to the real world issues and experiences.

Health and Sciences

The New Tech Academy of Health and Sciences exists to provide students with diverse course opportunities that expose them to career options various health care fields. With courses in Sports Medicine, Health Occupations, and Certified Nursing Assitance the students are able to attain certifications that prepare them for both college and future careers.

Digital Media

The New Tech Academy of Digital Media provides professional training through the use of industry standard technologies to enable students to pursue a career in multimedia. Through courses in graphic design, digital fluency, radio broadcasting and media broadcasting students gain foundational knowledge that will allow them to utilize technology effectively in future career opportunities.

STEM and Engineering

The New Tech Academy of STEM Engineering seeks to offer students elective opportunities to cultivate interests in the areas of science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These courses prepare and guide future STEM professionals to actively contribute in an increasingly complex and technological society. These courses culminate with the opportunity for students to attain Autodesk/AutoCAD certification.

Bearcat Motorsports (EcoCar)

Did you know that RHS is the ONLY high school in Louisiana with an EcoCar team, joining Louisiana Tech and LSU as the ONLY programs in the state and among only 30 high schools in the nation to offer this program? Our students work hard all year to build fuel efficient cards from scratch. In the spring, they participate in the Shell EcoCar Marathon, competing against high schools and colleges from all over the world. Many team members go on to major in fields such as engineering, marketing, and management due to the variety of experiences they receive from being a member of Bearcat Motorsports.

Application Process

The application process for the 2020-2021 school year is OPEN NOW.