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School Faculty

Ryan Abbott Image

Ryan AbbottEmail Icon

AP Government, Soccer
Scott Abernathy Photo Coming Soon

Scott AbernathyEmail Icon

World History, Football
Carrifrances Alexander Image

Carrifrances AlexanderEmail Icon

Faith Alexander Photo Coming Soon

Faith AlexanderEmail Icon

Delena Ashworth Image

Delena AshworthEmail Icon

Art, Fine Arts
Tammy Avery Image

Tammy AveryEmail Icon

Family & Consumer Science
Jacqueline Bean Image

Jacqueline BeanEmail Icon

Brian Beck Image

Brian BeckEmail Icon

Special Education
Ashlee Bell Image

Ashlee BellEmail Icon

English II, Student Council
Jill Benefield Photo Coming Soon

Jill BenefieldEmail Icon

Advanced Math
Brooke Bishop Photo Coming Soon

Brooke BishopEmail Icon

Algebra II
Jamie Bolton Photo Coming Soon

Jamie BoltonEmail Icon

Human Geography, World Geography
Lindsay Bolton Image

Lindsay BoltonEmail Icon

English II, Speech & Debate
Ryan Bond Photo Coming Soon

Ryan BondEmail Icon

Boys Basketball, World Geography
Angie Borden Image

Angie BordenEmail Icon

Credit Recovery
Maggie Boudreaux Photo Coming Soon

Maggie BoudreauxEmail Icon

Talented Art
Chris Brister Photo Coming Soon

Chris BristerEmail Icon

Sports Medicine, Trainer
Nick Brown Image

Nick BrownEmail Icon

Radio Broadcast
Lloyd Bruner Image

Lloyd BrunerEmail Icon

Intro. to Business Computer Applications, Accounting, Principles of Business, FBLA, Chatterbox
Kai Burrell Photo Coming Soon

Kai BurrellEmail Icon

Biology II, Football
Ricky Burton Photo Coming Soon

Ricky BurtonEmail Icon

Special Education
Stacy Campbell Image

Stacy CampbellEmail Icon

Environmental Science
Dick Christian Photo Coming Soon

Dick Christian

Dustin Cochran Photo Coming Soon

Dustin CochranEmail Icon

Financial Literacy, Track
Carol Colvin Image

Carol ColvinEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Jackson Colvin Image

Jackson ColvinEmail Icon

Algebra I, Baseball, Football
Donna Dancy Photo Coming Soon

Donna DancyEmail Icon

Rebecca Daulton Image

Rebecca DaultonEmail Icon

US History, JV Cheerleaders
Bailey Driskill Photo Coming Soon

Bailey DriskillEmail Icon

English I
Colt Dunbar Photo Coming Soon

Colt DunbarEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Rebecca Edmonsond Photo Coming Soon

Rebecca EdmonsondEmail Icon

Environmental Science
Kelli Edwards Photo Coming Soon

Kelli EdwardsEmail Icon

Algebra I, Girls Basketball
Randall Elliott Image

Randall ElliottEmail Icon

Physics, Eco Car
Charlene Flucas Photo Coming Soon

Charlene FlucasEmail Icon

Susie Freeman Photo Coming Soon

Susie FreemanEmail Icon

Chemistry, Chemistry II
Bob Garrett Photo Coming Soon

Bob GarrettEmail Icon

Melanie Garrison Image

Melanie GarrisonEmail Icon

Business Computer Applications, Personal Finance, Business Law
Todd Garvin Photo Coming Soon

Todd GarvinEmail Icon

Health, PE, Athletics
Curtis Goodwin Image

Curtis GoodwinEmail Icon

U.S. History, World Geography, FR Football
Olivia Gordon Image

Olivia GordonEmail Icon

Principal's Secretary
Ricky Goulart Image

Ricky GoulartEmail Icon

Civics, Volleyball
Meredith Graf Image

Meredith GrafEmail Icon

First Responders, Girls Basketball
Gary Green Image

Gary GreenEmail Icon

US History
Jamie Gressett Image

Jamie GressettEmail Icon

English I, Student Council
Earl Griffin Photo Coming Soon

Earl GriffinEmail Icon

Health, Football
Kandi Hammons Image

Kandi HammonsEmail Icon

Family & Consumer Science
Tim Hancock Image

Tim HancockEmail Icon

Ola Harrison Image

Ola HarrisonEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Nucarui Heard Photo Coming Soon

Nucarui HeardEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Chris Henderson Image

Chris HendersonEmail Icon

Leslie Herbert Photo Coming Soon

Leslie HerbertEmail Icon

Speech Therapist
Kevin Herren Photo Coming Soon

Kevin HerrenEmail Icon

Special Education
Amy Hiers Image

Amy HiersEmail Icon

Geometry, Belles
Vivian Hinton Image

Vivian HintonEmail Icon

Special Education
Doc Hoefler Photo Coming Soon

Doc HoeflerEmail Icon

Health, Football
Emily Howell Photo Coming Soon

Emily HowellEmail Icon

English I, English III
Diana Humphries Photo Coming Soon

Diana HumphriesEmail Icon

Guidance - 11th Grade
Lucie Hunt Photo Coming Soon

Lucie HuntEmail Icon

Girls' PE, Volleyball, Softball
Kevin Jackson Photo Coming Soon

Kevin JacksonEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Grace Joseph Photo Coming Soon

Grace JosephEmail Icon

Advanced Math
Jared Little Photo Coming Soon

Jared LittleEmail Icon

Journey to Careers, PE, FR Football
Emily Littlefield Photo Coming Soon

Emily LittlefieldEmail Icon

Algebra I
Amanda Magee Photo Coming Soon

Amanda MageeEmail Icon

Special Education
Courtney Martin Image

Courtney MartinEmail Icon

Algebra II, Statistics AP
Jan Martin Photo Coming Soon

Jan MartinEmail Icon

Guidance Secretary
Janet Maxwell Image

Janet MaxwellEmail Icon

Family & Consumer Science
Jamie McCullin Photo Coming Soon

Jamie McCullinEmail Icon

Collin McDonald Image

Collin McDonaldEmail Icon

Biology, Varsity Cheerleaders
Dana McGaha Image

Dana McGahaEmail Icon

English IV, Technical Writing
Shaquita McKinsey Photo Coming Soon

Shaquita McKinseyEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Sara Moore Photo Coming Soon

Sara MooreEmail Icon

Special Education
Dana Morris Photo Coming Soon

Dana MorrisEmail Icon

English II, Speech
Faith Moss Image

Faith MossEmail Icon

English IV
Walter Moss Photo Coming Soon

Walter MossEmail Icon

Karen Newsom Photo Coming Soon

Karen NewsomEmail Icon

Special Education
Larkin Norton Photo Coming Soon

Larkin NortonEmail Icon

Special Education
Corinne Nutt Photo Coming Soon

Corinne NuttEmail Icon

Treva Olivera Photo Coming Soon

Treva OliveraEmail Icon

Special Education Visually Impaired, Para
Charity Patricola Image

Charity PatricolaEmail Icon

Biology, Environmental Science
Charles Pernici Image

Charles PerniciEmail Icon

Michael Peterson Image

Michael PetersonEmail Icon

Strength & Conditioning, PE
David Poe Image

David PoeEmail Icon

Algebra I, Business Math
Talia Pollard Photo Coming Soon

Talia PollardEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Lauren Prescott Image

Lauren PrescottEmail Icon

Virginia Rainwater Photo Coming Soon

Virginia RainwaterEmail Icon

Athletic Director Assistant
Kellye Ratcliff Photo Coming Soon

Kellye RatcliffEmail Icon

Guidance Counselor - 9th Grade
Chad Reeder Photo Coming Soon

Chad ReederEmail Icon

World History, Football
Heather Reeder Photo Coming Soon

Heather ReederEmail Icon

US History
Deana Revels Image

Deana RevelsEmail Icon

Graphic Design, Talented Art
Annie Rivera Photo Coming Soon

Annie RiveraEmail Icon

Brooke Robinson Image

Brooke RobinsonEmail Icon

Health Occupations, CNA
Nancy Roger Image

Nancy RogerEmail Icon

English, II, English III
Shirley Simonton Photo Coming Soon

Shirley SimontonEmail Icon

Special Education
Shirley Simonton Photo Coming Soon

Shirley SimontonEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Addie Smith Photo Coming Soon

Addie SmithEmail Icon

Guidance - 10th Grade
Alex Smith Photo Coming Soon

Alex SmithEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Kourtney Smith Photo Coming Soon

Kourtney SmithEmail Icon

Testing Coordinator
Lydia Smith Photo Coming Soon

Lydia SmithEmail Icon

Tim Smith Image

Tim SmithEmail Icon

PE, Softball
Victoria Smith Photo Coming Soon

Victoria SmithEmail Icon

Business English
Zachary Smith Image

Zachary SmithEmail Icon

Special Education, Baseball
Raeann Stuart Photo Coming Soon

Raeann StuartEmail Icon

Sports Medicine, Trainer
Jill Sutton Photo Coming Soon

Jill SuttonEmail Icon

Biology, Girls Basketball
Leon Thomas Image

Leon ThomasEmail Icon

Special Education, Para
Nathan Trahan Image

Nathan TrahanEmail Icon

Stephanie Treadway Image

Stephanie TreadwayEmail Icon

English IV
Landon Wade Image

Landon WadeEmail Icon

Jason Walker Photo Coming Soon

Jason WalkerEmail Icon

Katherine Walker Image

Katherine WalkerEmail Icon

English I, Literacy Lab
Carol Ward Image

Carol WardEmail Icon

Algebra I, Softball
Delores Weir Photo Coming Soon

Delores WeirEmail Icon

World History, Health
Allie Welch Image

Allie WelchEmail Icon

Calculus, Geometry
Allen Whitaker Image

Allen WhitakerEmail Icon

Special Education
Kay White Image

Kay WhiteEmail Icon

Registrar, Guidance - 12th Grade
Lane White Photo Coming Soon

Lane WhiteEmail Icon

English II, Football, Baseball
Mendy White Photo Coming Soon

Mendy WhiteEmail Icon

Rebecca White Photo Coming Soon

Rebecca WhiteEmail Icon

Art I, Art II, Yearbook
Toby White Photo Coming Soon

Toby WhiteEmail Icon

Baseball, Football
Zach White Image

Zach WhiteEmail Icon

Geometry, Engineering, Soccer
Dustin Whitlock Photo Coming Soon

Dustin WhitlockEmail Icon

Psy/Soc, Tech Force, Digital Fluency
Kelsey Whitlock Image

Kelsey WhitlockEmail Icon

English III
Ross Wiersma Photo Coming Soon

Ross WiersmaEmail Icon

PE, Boys Basketball
Laundi Williams Image

Laundi Williams

Special Education
Lillie Williams Image

Lillie WilliamsEmail Icon

Intro. to Business Computer Applications
Susan Williams Photo Coming Soon

Susan WilliamsEmail Icon

Environmental Science
Elizabeth Williamson Image

Elizabeth WilliamsonEmail Icon

English I
April Winstead Photo Coming Soon

April WinsteadEmail Icon

Biology II, Biology I, Poms