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Sophomore News - Counselor Addie Smith

Welcome to 10th grade!  After a successful year of 9th grade at RHS, you have hopefully learned your way around our campus, gotten involved in some great extra-curricular activities, and settled into a group of friends!  High school is a great juggling act!  School work, athletics, clubs, friends, church….and now many of you will be DRIVING before the end of the school year!  Mom and dad… it is time to stop calling him your “baby”, he is well on his way to adulthood!


It probably seems like he just started Kindergarten, and now he is a Bearcat! This can be a difficult year for students and parents.  You want to give them more freedom, see them take responsibility for themselves, but temptation can steer even a bright and motivated student off course.   It is important to strike a good balance!  Provide structure, set limits, enforce consequences, and give rewards! Monitor your student’s grades using the Student Progress Center available on the Lincoln Parish website, but allow your student to learn to interact professionally with his teachers and suffer the consequences for his own mistakes and irresponsibility if the situation arises.  Better to have him learn those hard lessons now, than when he is away from home! 


The DMV will require a student enrollment verification form.  Please have your student visit the main office to pick up one of these forms the day prior to your DMV visit.  The guidance office will not have these forms.


Every grade on your high school transcript counts!  In addition to reviewing your cumulative GPA, many colleges and universities will look at your core GPA.  The core GPA is calculated using only your Core classes (English, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Foreign Language.) Tenth grade is a crucial academic year!  Now is the time to work hard and boost your GPA!


Students who do well in school, attend school!  You cannot learn and get what you need if you are not here!


It may seem like your post-high school life is far far away, but it will be here quicker than you realize.  It is never too early to explore colleges and careers. Spend some time online visiting the websites of universities you are interested in and learn their requirements.  Stop by and visit the RHS Career Center this year to learn more about your personality type and what careers might be a good fit for you!


As your 10th grade counselor, I am available to visit with you about academic issues as well as personal and social issues.  I am happy to help by talking through a problem to find a healthy solution or just lending a trusted ear!


PLAN: This is the pre-ACT and is given to all sophomores free of charge in the Spring.  Students should use this test as a predictor of ACT scores and as a qualifying exam for dual enrollment courses in the 11th grade.  The requirements for dual enrollment for 11th and 12th grades  are a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and minimum scores of an 18 in English and 19 in Math on the PLAN or ACT. 

EOC: End of Course Exams:  Most 10th grade students will take 2 EOC exams both given in May.  Geometry and English II are the 10th grade EOC courses.  These exams are administered on the compute and are not timed. Passage of at least one Math EOC (Algebra I or Geometry), one English EOC (English II or English III), and either Biology or US History is required for graduation in Louisiana.

ACT:  It is recommended that students complete geometry before they take the ACT. There is ample time for students to take the ACT during their junior and senior years.

SAT:  The pre-SAT or PSAT is given on a specified day in the Fall.  This is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship program. Sophomores may take the PSAT for practice.  The junior year score is the only one applied to ward National merit competition. Traditionally, Ruston High School has students annually that are national Merit Scholars.

TOPS:  Tuition Opportunity Program for Students: This is a scholarship available to Louisiana Students who have completed the required core curriculum, earned a 2.5 GPA on these core classes, and scored at least a 20 on the ACT. 


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